How to Ride

How to Ride a Metro Bus

Paying Your Bus Fare

Boarding fare is $2. Passengers need to pay a boarding fare or present proof-of-fare each time they get on a bus or train. Proof-of-fare can be a Metro Monthly pass, Metro Day pass or Proof-of-Payment ticket.

Bus operators do not make change; you must have the exact fare when you board. Bus fareboxes accept U.S. coins, Metro tokens and paper currency only.

Click here for a Metro fares.

You may be eligible for reduced fares.

Finding a Bus Stop

Every Metro bus stop has a three-colored sign. To find your closest bus stop, check your schedule or the Trip Planner. Either one will tell you which streets your bus travels. Then look for the bus stop signs along the bus route, located every few blocks. When the bus approaches your stop, signal to the bus operator to stop.

Some bus routes have on-demand bus stops. On these routes, simply signal the driver that you would like to be picked up.

Boarding the Bus

Look for your route number on the front or passenger side of the bus. If you are not sure it is the right bus, just ask the bus operator.

Priority seating in the front section of buses is reserved for disabled persons and senior citizens. Drinking, eating and smoking are not allowed on any Metro bus. Listening to an electronic device is allowed with headphones. Service animals are the only animals allowed on Metro buses.

Riders with special needs can find more information by call the number below.

Erie County: 855-7211
Niagara County: 285-9319
TDD information for the speech and hearing impaired only: 711 or 800-662-1220

Riding the Bus

Take a seat if one is available. If all the seats are full, move towards the back of the bus. Poles and handrails throughout the bus make it easy to stand while riding. The seats at the front of the bus should be given to senior citizens and disabled riders, if present.

Signaling Your Stop

As the bus nears your stop, pull the cord or push the strip next to the windows. A bell will signal the bus operator that you would like the bus to stop.

How to Ride the Metro Rail

Paying Your Rail Fare

Metro Rail is free above ground. Proof-of-payment is needed to travel underground. Fare is $2. Proof-of-payment can be a valid: Metro Rail ticket, Metro Monthly Pass, Metro Day Pass or Proof-of-Fare ticket. Tickets and passes are available at all rail stations.

Metro Rail features self-service fare collection. That means that there are no turnstiles or ticket agents. However, you MUST carry proof that you have paid your fare.

You may be eligible for reduced fares.

Getting On the Train

Choose the boarding platform that offers the direction you want. Trains boarding from the INBOUND TO ERIE CANAL HARBOR platform head south, toward downtown. Trains boarding from the OUTBOUND TO UNIVERSITY platform head north, away from downtown.

Getting Off the Train

Choose your destination, watch for the signs and listen to the announcements. Every train stops at every station and each stop is called.

Sunday Night And Holiday Service

The last out-bound trip leaves Erie Canal Harbor Station at 6:10p.m. For Sabres games, and selected events at the First Niagara Center, a later train departs the Events Only Station 30 minutes after the end of the event. Patrons may call 855-7211, or visit, up to five days in advance of an event to learn if late service will be provided. The last #8 Main Metro Bus leaves downtown at 12:40a.m. on Sunday nights.

Riders With Special Needs

The first car of every train is wheelchair accessible and equipped with tie-in devices. All ticket machines are wheelchair accessible as well. Riders with special needs can find more information here.

Park & Ride

Free parking is available at University Station (600 spaces) and LaSalle Station (800 spaces). Look for the designated areas.

Please Remember...

  • Priority seating next to rail doors is reserved for disabled persons and senior citizens
  • Stand three feet from the edge while waiting for the train
  • Do not lean on train doors
  • Do not put feet on seats
  • Drinking, eating and smoking are not allowed on the train
  • Listening to an electronic device is allowed with headphones
  • Service animals are the only animals allowed on the train

Bikes On The Rail Program

• Take your bike on Metro Rail, as long as you observe the following rules:

• Riding bicycles in Metro Rail Stations or on Station property is strictly prohibited.
Please walk your bike in and around the stations.

• Station elevators must be used for getting your bike to and from train platforms.
Do not carry your bike up or down the stairs or on the escalators.

• When boarding a train in an underground station, enter the front door of any car.
If you are going downtown you should board the first car in order to take advantage
of the elevated platform when exiting.

• When boarding a train downtown in Buffalo Place, enter the front door only of the first car using the elevated platform.

• Enter the rail car only after all other passengers have entered or exited the car.

• Only two bikes are permitted in each rail car, both at the forward end of the car, in the area designated for wheelchairs. If this area is occupied, please move to the next car or wait for the next train. If someone in a wheelchair boards, please give up your space.

• Stand with your bike and do not leave it unattended for any reason; securely hold your bike
at all times; do not use the kick stand; and do not leave your bike in the aisle.

• Riders 15 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult.

• Above all, please be considerate of your fellow passengers

• As always, proof of fare payment is required.

• Bikes are allowed on Metro Rail at any time.

181 Ellicott St.
Buffalo, NY 14203
(716) 855-7300
TTY/Relay 711 or 800-662-1220